Development of Gazebo plugins to achieve higher realism in simulations

In the development of robotic systems for complex scenarios, e.g., the support of fire and rescue missions through autonomous drones, simulations play a major role. Predictions about the system’s performance in varying situations become more accurate if next to the robotic system itself and some obstacles, relevant environmental influences are simulated as well. In the aforementioned fire and rescue scenarios, these include

  • disturbed radio channels
  • weather
  • fire and smoke
  • dynamic objects (e.g., persons, cars)

This thesis should develop or adapt plugins for the 3D simulator Gazebo which enable the simulation of such aspects. The challenge lies in finding a suitable trade-off between realism and performance. For evaluating and demonstrating the results, the student(s) should create simulations based on real life scenarios.

TypeBachelor’s or Master’s thesis
Number of students2 or less
SupervisorMerlin Stampa
Required experienceC++